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Hotel Guest Experience Measurement processing
Franchise Hotel Brand Standards Compliance audits
Complete Hotel Mystery Shopper Audits
Comprehensive Hotel Quality Assurance Inspections
Loss Prevention via honesty Integrity Testing
Back of House Operations audits
Competition Comparative Trend Analysis surveys
Pinnacle Hospitality Training & Service Workshops
Hospitality Optimal Service Testing, (HOST), is the parent corporation of HOST Hotel Services. HOST Hotel Services is the only true hotel mystery shopper company with exclusive specialization in the design and implementation of complete, legitimate mystery shopping services of hotels, resorts, and casinos. Ultimately, HOST Hotel Services is an experienced global provider of discrete, custom tailored Hotel Secret & Mystery Shopper, Guest Experience Appraisal, Brand Standards Compliance, and Quality Assurance Audit services for hotels, resorts, and casinos across all brands, genres, and amenities.
Front Office Areas of Responsibility
All Restaurants, Lounges,  Room Service, & Kiosk Outlets
All Available Housekeeping Services & Guest Requests
Golf, Spa, Tennis, Retail Outlets, Beach, Kids Programs, etc.
All Other Related Guest-Contact Services Offered
Cleanliness & Condition of Each Independent Facet of All Interior and Exterior Public Areas
Back of House
Our primary objective is to first appraise, analyze, and
quantify the real-time performance of guest services through
our hotel Secret Shopper and our Guest Experience
Measurement process.

The process involves a complete, comprehensive "Mystery
Guest" inspection and evaluation of all facets of services,
cleanliness, and conditions throughout your entire hotel.
Improved GSS Ratings
Higher Social Media Feedback
Increased Revenue
Improved Job Satisfaction
Our secondary objective is to work with hotel
management on an ongoing basis to design, redefine,
and implement our unique Pinnacle Hospitality Training
Workshops based on the results of each audit.
Our ultimate goal is to assist you in objectively realigning
your staff's performance by exceeding your guest's
expectations. Based on the Appraisal Analysis, we build
strategies for attaining:
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Hospitality Optimal Service Testing | Distinguished | hotel | secret | shopping | service Hotel | Secret | Shopper Service | HOST HOST Hotel Services the most comprehensive secret shopping services available to the hotel industry. Hotel Secret Shoppers | Hotel Secret Shoppers | Building Strategies to Improve Your Hotel's Services HOST Hotel Services | We will show you how to create impressionable experiences wherever work happens HOST Inc. | We Secret Shop Hotels, Resorts, & Casinos
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We Evaluate Hotels, We Build Strategies, We Create Solutions.  You've found the right company with proven expertise in quality assurance management.
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"I highly recommend Charles Tona and H.O.S.T. for any property seeking to make improvements in service levels. For the past 20 years he has assisted my properties with his detailed and reliable shopping service. His professionalism, passion (for great service) and expertise clearly differentiates him from the pack.

John Adams
| Senior Vice President, Global Operations Services, Design & Development
Marriott International, Inc.
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